Monday, November 11, 2013

Lives of New York Taxi Drivers

Am I the only one who notices this? If I am does that mean that I am crazy or that everyone is used to in your face incompetence and malfeasance?

Mayor Bloomberg says he will "fucking destroy" the taxi industry.

Regarding Taxi Drivers: The idiocy and bad journalism of John Del Signore at The Gothamist

The Daily News Should Have Headlined This Item "Taxi Medallion Owners Get Bloomberg Green Light To Rip Off Taxi Drivers." (But they didn't).

I gave Bloomberg too much credit when I thought he was really out to screw the taxi medallion speculators by giving the recent fare increase to the cab drivers only

I find what sure looks like exposed asbestos hanging in the restroom at the JFK taxi lot...

An open challenge to William Wachtel of New York Waterway 

Taxi drivers use the Terminal restroom in spite of your apparent wishes. Make something of it?


WTF here's an undoctored audio of a guy talking with me after his wife busted him for the second time coming home from a strip club at three in the morning...

Would Jimmy Kimmel be happy to know that thousands.hate his voice?..

Your privacy: Dear passengers, drivers have not only ears, we have technology.

Rookie Cops Lack Proper Fake Ticket Writing Training

Eugene Weixel independent candidate for mayor of New York City about taxi service and taxi drivers.

To a lady cop with the 28th precinct who just lost a case

 in traffic court HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

A FB message to the New York Taxi Workers Alliance...

The New York Times wants more traffic cameras

The New Taxi Off Duty Light Fiasco

A day in the life of taxi driver- ten cops beat up a cabbie and then handcuff one of their own who tried to stop them.

What taxi drivers don't like about their passenger.

Three strikes you're out for NYC cab drivers who would do themselves a big favor by reading this,

The taxi owners make big big money from your hard work.

Man arrested for vomiting in taxi, disrespecting driver.
History of New York's taxi industry buffs and fans of Danny DeVito have got to "research" Jay Turoff, Ed Koch's long time taxi commissioner/
You too can get the "Sex Trafficking Training" Th...
I eject a space cadet from my taxi not much visual...