Friday, November 8, 2013

Gotham Yellow LLC (my bosses) plus Citibank vs. New York Taxi Workers Alliance (wannabe union).

A while back I posted about being coerced at work to give up my right to daily paydays as enshrined  in a government distributed document about  the rights of per shift fleet taxi drivers. It isn't in dispute that Gotham had all their drivers sign "contracts" waiving this right the alternative being to leave the premises and forget about driving for Gotham Yellow.

This is pretty open and shut rule violation. The union or wannabe union which I have big problems with is urging individual drivers to complain to the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

I have a different idea. How about David Yassky make a phone call and remind Gotham that the rules apply to them? The wannabe union just got awarded a chunk of the taxi drivers' tips by Mr. Yassky who lately has been strewing rose petals in Ms. Dessai's footsteps and vice versa.

Drivers don't like the Citibank debit cards with their transaction fees but for whatever reason might be afraid ton step forward. The wannabe union is not widely known or trusted
So bookmark this site and find out what happens. My personal guess is that this drags on past deBlasio's swearing in as mayor and his taxi commissioner will retroactively make kosher the debit cards.