Wednesday, December 4, 2013

About the dead deer.

Someone Googled "is photo of dead deer in garbage real" and landed on this blog.

The photo is mine. I came home in a Gypsie taxi and there on the corner of 158 and Amsterdam where Sugar Hill becomes Washington Heights outside the Al Khalifa deli where a movie star quality self described tranny whore sets up crack of dawn shop was this stuffed deer of unknown origins on/in an overflowing garbage can.

I immediately took some pictures with my telephone.

I do not blog for money. While fame or infamy  or notoriety; would be nice I expect neither while I shamelessly seek either as a platform for my point of view.

I found the scene shocking and offensive myself just like I was truly shaken when I came upon a dying man on Meeker Avenue and I posted photos that provoked anger at me.

I do not give: a tinker 's damn about making people angry at mr. I think the killing of so lovely a creature as that deer and the tragic death of the young man on the  bike were horrible events.