Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear fellow New York taxi drivers. I was wrong about the Obamacare deadline but right about the New York Taxi Workrrs Alliance

The deadline has been extended until March. 

It is still a fact that the TLC has no legal right to take six cents a ride tax from you in rewarding Bhairavi Desai for joining with Bloombrg. Why should you pay every day until you stop working for one counseling srssion that other people offer for free? Bhairavi Desai seems to think that because she is only taking just a few cents a ride from you that you will allow yourself to be robbed day in and day out. 

Obama care will be a good thing for taxi drivers because if you do not have medical insurance you will getting it at low cost. Many of us will now be able to get medical coverage for free
The law requires you to have medical insurance by January 1 or you will be charged extra tax by the IRS. This has no connection with the six cents a ride tax that the TLC is taking from you for eight weeks now and that six cents is not getting you Obamacare insurance.
That  six cents is being held for the Taxi Worker Alliance who once said that they would have their Obamacare Navigation (counseling and advice about  medical insurance). ready in the middle of November. They also promise that in the future they will be giving you disability insurance. Insurance comes through an insurance company. As of today we do not know the name of the insurance company they will be signing with on your behalf. If you have questions about the services you are getting or not getting for your six cents a trip call 212-627-5248 the Taxi Workers Alliance benefits office. Ask them to send you  a benefit package.
TO  GET ANSWERS ABOUT OBAMACARE (ALSO CALLED THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT) call 211. You do not have time to waste on people who are not ready to do what they have promised.  Please post