Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bill deBlasio could change the world for the better.

Mayor elect Bill deBlasio's goal to eliminate pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries  is breathtaking. Not only would attainment  save hundreds of lives and life qualities in New York  but it would create a compelling global example.

deBlasiio is going to face an immediate challenge to his goal, a challenge from powerful people who have backed him, the money behind  the e hail apps Uber (Google) and Hailo  (Fred Wilson and other venture capitalists.)

These apps currently are fads among the media elites and one percenters . These apps serve no true purpose and pose a public safety threat created by multi tasking distracted and tired taxi and limo drivers.

David Yassky, a long time e hail app enthusiast and the other TLC  commissioners have backed off finally seeing the public safety  risks inherent in these elite toys.

Our incoming mayor has been handed this hot potato. Please don't drop it, Bill deBlasio.