Thursday, December 19, 2013

Google "be's evil"

Getting into all sorts of stuff - the driverless  car , if it is rushed will pose a safety issue. Google has a pretty heavy investment  in Uber and it is being rushed into use although the driver app invites distracted driving.  If Google will be as  hubristic and dishonest as the eerily named Uber and if the robot car gets the same uncritical  reception as Uber  then we can look forward to some "unforeseeable" road catastrophrophe that might end up setting back the driver less  technology and Google itself for years.

That Google plays a crucial role on the spying on the people of the world by five eyes (iiiii) and its leaders are clearly not ready for jail like Mandela and Thoreau were.

What but evil can come from developing military robots for rogue nation #1 is beyond me.