Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Uber ethics Uber price gouging and some lessons

It wasn't just the extremely high prices, it was how they did it.

Last weekend during a rather moderate snowstorm Uber jacked up their prices to incredible levels, and the warning to prospective customers was so obscure that many felt blindsided and indeed Uber did blindside them. Uber has a history of disregarding regulations. Now they add deceptive price gouging to their resume.

Many New Yorkers are  used to getting jacked up by limo hustlers. Suspected  price gouging by yellowcab drivers resulted in front page headlines and reams of editorial rage.

But what Uber actually did pull off was something on a whole other scale

These people have no morals.

They will lie straight faced to the T&LC  on Thursday morning's hearing  and deny that  their app causes distracted driving.

Whether the Commission chooses to believe rather than investigate we shall have to wait and see. Your life may depend on the answer. Hailo and Uber might kill you..