Monday, December 2, 2013

Hell hath no fury (II) She used a colloquial term for cunnlingus.

YAs I was letting a guy out of my taxi in front of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club the doorman was approaching with an attractive young woman in tow. I ctould tell she was a civilian not a sex worker. She was wearing a conventional skirt and she did not have the SW characteristic tote bag  . She sat down behind me, we negotiated a flat Jersey City fare and headed South on the West Side ghostbof a highway.

"I went there with two men and I paid a stripper six hundred bucks to --- my ---. It wasn't  worth it. Her boobs are fake like all of them. Look at these I got. They're real."

She complained about being up priced with her first understanding being that the price would be $300. At the VIP room door the bouncer had his hand outstretched as well.

"I didn't even cum. She was terrible. I have had much better for free, or for the price of a dinner in a diner. But I have to say. I like the power thing."

At her door over on the Jersey side she thanked me for indulging her alcohol fueled rambling.

" Listen I got a husband and I am cheating on him with a man, his best friend. He was one of the guys who took me to the club. And you know how I get away with it? I have my own money."

She paid the exact agreed fare and sent
me on my eay.