Monday, December 2, 2013

Veteran New York Taxi Driver To Testify at Taxi and Limousine Commission December 14th To Urge Safety Considerations Be Primary in Ongoing Pilot Program. Says Hailo and Uber Driver Apps Foster Distracted Driving, Place Public at Risk.

Today Eugene Weixel a veteran of 23 years driving cab cited cyber security expert Joseph Steinberg's article in last December 14th's  Forbes  Magazine where he made the point regarding e hail apps that public safety ought to trump  any perceived convenience.

Weixel cited his own article in last August first's Guardian on line

and several posts at

Weixel urges that the commissioners cease authorization of e hail app operations until they can honestly and confidently tell the public they have nothing to fear from these apps in the hands of characteristically tired taxi drivers who typically  spend 72 hours per week driving not to mention unpaid hours in garages and in long commutes.

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