Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trouble in Hailo and Uber land

On Thursday morning the nine boatd membets of the New York Taxi and Limousind Commission will be deciding whether or n,ot Hailo and Uber will legally continje in the taxi ga,me here. 

I have done what I am able to do to alert them to the clear and present danger that their driver apps and procedures pose to the public by inviting and virtually forcing illegal and injudicious distracted driving. 

You uoght to read my article that appeared in the Guardian in August.
Http,://gu.com/p/3hytp and the several posts on this blog

Hailo is trying to counter this one man campaign by launching a petition a d tweeting out an email form letter urging the Commissioners to fall into li e with this dangerous, useless but well finnced cultiish fad.

When I was a boy fads were healthier. Hula hoops also nevekilled anyone the way distracted drivers do. Commissioner Yassky I have said some very harsh things about you. You can proove me wrong and make me eat my words. Stand up to this steamroller fad that bodes ill for public safety.