Thursday, January 30, 2014

Buddy I do not have your phone.Part One

Last Friday night was an odd one. Most nights are not too eventful and don't offer any lessons in life.  Last Friday was different.
See the guy in the picture? I hope he's back on his meds or his shrink has readjusted them.
He got into my taxi down in the Village somewhere . He said "Grand Central Station"
 I hit the meter and hit the gas and off we went.

I don't eavesdrop as such but I do have ears. The guy was telling someone "I don't have friends I have aquaintancss. You're the closest I have to a friend at the agency.

I also have aquaintances but no friends (except my estranged wife).

At around 38th Street he told me to pull over. ""Would you take me to Connecticut for a hundred 'n 'forty bucks?"

I asked him "around how long should this ride take and will you give me directions?"

"55 minutess " (odd a nswer that should have alertted  me but I was salivating over $140.00 in the last two hours of the night. SonI said  "sounds good." I have to charge you seventy twice because credit card swipes over $100 are a big hassle for me."

Okay, "we're going to Notwalk so take 95 Northh to exit 14 and I'll guide you from there." I put the first $70.00 on the meter he doesn't blink. Or swipe his card. So he'll do both swipes at the end of the ride. I never had $140.00 ride. 

We ended up back in the Bronx as he directed off I 95 North at exit 15. Westchester and back onto 95 South. And then he asked me to rreturn him his phone which I did not have. I headed for the Subway which is actually a misnomer as the subway trains run on elevated tracks on Westchester Avenue. More to come.....