Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's almost too ironic the connection of a big German bank with Medallion Financial and the New York taxi medallion trade

Jews and Germans bury the hatchet in New York

Just a little while ago I posted about the November 2013 NYC taxi medallion auction and the twelve people who bought up the medallions. You cannot but notice that at least ten of the twelve are of Jewish heritage. The bank that financed most of the purchasers is Medallion Financial headed by Andrew Murstein whose father or maybe grandfather immigrated here from Argentina and started driving a taxi and building a fortune.

I became curious about Medallion Financial and learned that it gets big funding from DZ Bank A G which is sort of the Central Bank of the German cooperative  banks sort of like our savings banks or savings and loan associations. German cooperative banks go bsck to 1919 meaning they were functional under the Hitler regime.

Ironic, that's all.