Saturday, January 18, 2014

Never Ignorant about Getting Goals Accomplished

It's right to rebel but this opens up a whole big ball of whacks. 

Do you think that a guy who lives  by the spirit of the lyrics of the song whose title is the title of this post  is about to pay for a taxi ride? Only a;n asshole taxi driver would expect any good to arise from such a transaction.

There seems to be an epidemic of counterfeit money. I have been hit a few times. Dare I tell you dear reader that in each instant involving a big bill I can link my loss to an African American young man.Taking it further into the truth I never got a bill bigger than a twenty from a young Black man that was not a counterfeit. I have learned what to look for but the most recent ones have been of the highest quality requiring bulky expensive equipment to catch.

North Korea reputedly manufactures such items.

Most typically a passengerr who jumps out of my taxi is not a Korean American, is not  a Mexican immigrant worker, is not a woman and did not get my cab outside a gay bar.

I will never ignore the following  goals:

1- That I will get paid for my work.

2- My wife is never again going  to have a store call the cops on her.

I support laws that ban cab drivers from profiling prospective passengers be enforced. I urge victims to make reports and demand the City Council and Mayor take effective action.

Let me know when they start doing these things..