Friday, January 17, 2014

Is William Wachtel going to be named by The Mayor to head up the Taxi and Limousine Commission? I think so, maybe.

If you put this url into your browser and hit "go" you'll see some pretty hostile stuff about William Wachtel from me,  yours truly.  Even a video.

Now let me make this clear: I  not particularly against him getting the job.  I don't expect any of these suits with connections to do anything much for yellow cab taxi drivers. Even were I to be miraculously put in that job I would have to be mindful that NYC is a full fledged partner in The Medallion Syndicate.  If I wanted to force The Syndicate to treat the drivers decently this could possibly crash the medallion market and cost NYC big bucks.

What Wachtel or whoever else can do is stop the Green Taxis in their tracks and get rid of the killer ehail taxi apps. These two steps are essential TLC contributions to Vision Zero, the Mayors plan to do away with traffic fatalities.

Wachtel is a transportation supposed maven and a big wheel in Drum Major Institute a corporate "progressive" think tank.

Someone(s) has been googling Wachtel and clicking onto my Wachtel post. Vetting?