Monday, January 13, 2014

Why I say "Mayor de Blasio is in trouble."

Not that long ago Bill de Blasio fired taxi czar David Yassky on television. As of this morning Yassky is in place, there is no speculation about his replacement . I would imagine no one with the gravitas to be considered wants this post unless allowed to complete Michael Bloomberg's  taxi legacy which is popular, "sounds good" and has the backing of the media from the Post to the Voice and even has the backing of (fake) "union leader" Bhairavi Desai who is set to control a $15 million per year patronage/slush fund.

Ms. Desai would like to expand her resources and can only do that (collect a tax from more and more drivers) if there are more and more  drivers to collect from, ie if the Bloomberg plan becomes the Bloomberg legacy.

The Bloomberg plan is good politics but bad policy in terms of having a more professional corps of taxi drivers, air quality, traffic volume and public safety, particularly pedestrian safety. I am one of thousands of drivers being illegally forced by Yassky to  pay a daily tsx  into the Desai fake benefit fund. If de Blasio does not oppose my notice of claim he can greatly reduce the Desai problem.