Wednesday, January 15, 2014

David Yassky is gone- wow, did he tip toe out or what? His legacy from the point of view of a.fleet night time taxi driver. (Not Good)

Yassky's gone. I should have guessed he wouldn't have hung around long when I stopped hearing him touting green taxis over over yellows "outside midtown" over the taxi tv I can't turn off.

His legacy is the green taxi and theft of up to $15 millions per year to be handed by the Taxi Limousine Commission as bag man for Mike Bloomberg to Bhairavi Desai  as a payoff bribe for her stabbing several thousand yellow cab drivers in the back and endorsing the Bloomberg taxi industry destruction plan.

Long ago Bloomberg paid off Leonora Fulani for giving him the Independent Party ballot line but he had enough class not to steal the payoff from taxi driver tips. Yassky and Desai have no hesitation to do just that and not even provide the paltry benefits for two months and counting.