Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This blog passed 70,000 page views a day or so ago. It's been getting an unusually large number of page views from the Ukraine.

I guess I am part Ukranian. My motber on her father's side was of "Russian Jewish" stock or I believe self identify as such . I never met them but their grandparents and parents I guess too survived the German invasion. (My father's people were Polish Jews - as far as I know a small number survived the war most did not). I saw an article with a picture about a Polish Catholic priest who by his name and appearance and being born a Jew might be a surviving relative of mine (Weksler - Wazniak) my grandfather was sometimes Wexler sometimes Weixel which I believe is the name he was given by an Immigration clerk. Me I am quite the unconnected black sheep of the Jewish Weixels. I know I am also related to Wexlers, some of whom became pretty well known. There are non Jewish Weixels out west in Bismark, North Dakota, I think they are Lutherans of German background as many North Dakotans are.

I posted about Ukraine, didn't say much but made clear I am not with the Westernizers.I have wrestled with being Jewish or ex Jewish to no solid conclusion. Real Christianity is attracyive to me but I have so little self discipline. The nice Jewish people you and I know are to a large part Culturally Christianized. Mideaval tribalism is a turn off to everyone who is modern.