Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where is the money, David Yassky? Stuff about David Yassky that's just plain weird and deserves a further look. especially about the drivers' money that was due to be given to the TLC on January 20, for instance has he given that money to Bhairavi Desai?

According to Industry Notice 13-36 the medallion owners were to hand over @$2-4 million to the TLC. This is the infamous six cents a ride healthcare tax taken from drivers of yellow taxis but not from drivers of green taxis. (Apparently the drivers of Green Taxis are healthier and so kept the six cents a ride for use as they see fit).
The real weirdness is about David Yassky telling the world he resigned on January second but he really resigned just yesterday afternoon?(according to Capital News taxi beat reporter Dana Rubinstein).
Now, I can't help wonder, since actually no services have been provided to the drivers as of today  and given the strangeness of Yassky's actions just who the hell has the money ? Oh, and just exactly how much money it is? Capital News why not dig into this story?

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