Friday, February 14, 2014

Yes I have a "thing" about David Yassky. I think there is something really wrong with him. Here is why

Here we have Yassky tweeting the ignorant meme "you can't fight the market."

This is from a guy who is still forcing 35000 or so people to buy services they never asked for, don't even exist and if they ever do come into being are wildly overpriced
This guy ran the taxi business in New York for four years regulating fares and leases. He also had a number of officers on the streetss hunting unauthorized taxis.

And in this tweet he prolaims the like of Uber inevitable even though on Deccwember 19, 2013 he ran away from an official vote that would have made the taxi e hail apps permanent in New York City.
Check out @DavidYassky's Tweet:

Accident Scene

Latest News

Family Of Girl Killed In SF Crosswalk Suing 

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court by attorney Christopher Dolan on behalf of the family, seeks damages from both Uber and Muzzafar.
Following the girl’s death, Uber said in a statement that Muzzafar was not actively on a route for Uber and did not have a passenger in the car at the time of the accident.
The company, which declined to comment on today’s lawsuit, previously said it has deactivated Muzzafar’s account and has expressed condolences to the victim’s family.

The lawsuit alleges that Muzzafar was viewing or interacting with his UberX smartphone app at the time of the collision and that Uber should have known that such use of the app violates state law banning cellphone use while driving without a hands-free device.

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