Tuesday, March 18, 2014

President Obama needs to take a deep breath, sit down and count to ten because his judeonazi coalition is not going to rule Ukraine and there's not a gosh darned thing he can do about it.

I say they are not going to rule because eventually they must clash. The Jewish oligarchs believe they are using and can control the Svoboda and right sector thugs. The thugs have entered the "government" and are charged with creating an ideological militia to replace the riot police who were disarmed and disbanded and the Ukrainian military, most of whom do not take orders from the coupster  "government".The thugs are not going to lime it when their coalition pattners slash their parents and grandparents pensions and the young have to earn money in other countrirs in order to feed their elderly family members.

The south and east of Ukraine is where the mines and industry are.Weztern Ukraine is a backwater that will bleed dry whoever takes responswibility for it.  The south and east  regions are hostile to the coup and will resist the nazis. At that point Russia will step in once again. Obama's first sanctions amount to nothing. He knows that Russia can shut Europe down and they could move their forces intl Ukraine in strength.

So chillax Mr. President. There's not a thing you can do. The American people will be grateful  to you for not doing "more."