Thursday, March 20, 2014

When I was a kid my father idealized Europe and Europeans.

Odd looking back on it. I was born eight months and two weeks after the troop ship docked in New York and he had been in combat mainly in Italy.

He told me that Europeans were more educated, more cultured, more socially conscious than Americans and that in fact they were on the verge of revolution, being held back by American occupation.

Maybe so. What I see though is that in France you can be an international banker woman abuser and a leader of the Socialist Party. You can be a leader of the Labor Party in Britain and never worked a day in your life and also order bombing and torture of third world people who never harmed Britain.

You can be Adba. You can be a cultural icon who entertained nazi troops. You can be a Jew called Yats and take EU money to build a nazi led fighting force. You can swea you'll die defending your homeland and then tu:rn tail expecting the US Marines to do it.

You can be a neo nazi and leader of a "democratic" coup regime.

You can conduct yourself in an arrogant selfish contemptuous and contemptibl manner when you leave your peninsula. Go ahead.