Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dessai taxi driver health plan shot down in court. New York Supreme Court Judge Margaret A.Chan blasts Pace Law School Dean David Yassky's brainchild as "arbitrary and capricious" and "violative of the separation of powers.' Scam is nullified as of April 11.

If you search this website for the name David Yassky you will see why I set up Http://

The scam he set up with Bhairavi Desai in return for her favor to Yassky's then boss Michael Bloomberg is dead. I expect by next week they will stop ripping off the taxi drivers six cents a ride. What is a disappointment is that the $1.4 million they took from us might never be returned to us. The law is a arse someone once said but when the government robs a bunch of taxi drivers a judge can make it stop bit no judge can make them give it back.

For a laugh Google David Yassky march of the nincompoop brigade.