Friday, April 11, 2014

Jack Mormons and hardcore Mormon elders
Jack Mormons are non hostile former Mormons, people who are tied to Mormonism who can't or won't follow all the proscriptions, particularly the one that says " be like Joseph Smith and never ever Jack off".
Mormon boys age 19 - 21 become missionaries and they work in pairs. A major responsibility of a Mormon missionary is to rat out his buddy if he catches him jacking off.
When you stress one of these youth who call each other "elder" you will notice his eyes bug out and he gets jumpy too.
Mormonism is a terrible religion that is totalitarian and functions as any secret society does. I make it my business when I see these elders to tell them I hate and despise them with their secret handshakes, secret ceremonies where even Jack Mormons are barred and their stupid ass magic underwear.