Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear Meera Joshi Chairwoman of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission - about your desire that drivers let you know about bad working conditions.

I saw you on You Tube at your hearing with the City Council. You said you would encourage drivers to contact the TLC with such issues. Really?

The Garage I lease from had continued taking the six cents health care tax and I had not seen any Industry Notice informing owners and agents to stop taking this money. I called Justice Chang's office and got information on filing a motion pro se . I called the TLC which is the one and only way a driver is invited to file a complaint. After 25 minutes I was speaking with a TLC employee. Maybe it's my cell phone. Maybe it's my tinnitus, but we could not establish meaning full dialogue. I emailed to TLC rules and to the healthcare email address and the next time I paid my lease the fee was gone.(April 28). I blog and Mr. Pollock had sent me a copy of the notice.

My proposal is that it be as easy for a driver to complain  about an owner as it is for a passenger to complain about a driver and that when it is practical the complainant 's identity be protected the way a passenger's is.

What do you think?