Monday, May 5, 2014

Is the fight for Ukraine the final battle of the Second World War?

" A good beating did not hurt anyone." Benito.Mussolini 1924 after Italy's parliment voted in the Acerba Law that effectively made him dictator of Italy. The law was voted for under the watchful eyes of armed fascist Party thugs. The law provided that a party that won 25% of the popular vote would get 66% of the seats in parliament.Mussolini won that vote even though most of the deputies were voting to end their carreers. 

It would seem that the same thing happened in Kiev in February when supporters of the lawful president abandoned their posts under threat of violence by nazi bully boys of the Right Sector, ( two seen below in their nazi get ups.) and others voted to impeach President Yanukovic who had fled under the threat of death under this same threat. 

In 1935 Mussolini claimed to be liberating oppressed Ethiopian slaves. Actually he was striving to controll the Red Sea as a means of countering British domination of the Suez Canal.

 In 2014 Western Ukrainian identity is anti  Russian . Generations of Western Ukrainians were raised believing that the battles waged by the Bolsheviks to collectivize agriculture were deliberate acts meant to exterminate the Ukrainian people..Accomplished under civil war like conditions the collectivization occaisioned great loss of life. Ironically in the 1990's de collectivization left social dissolution, massive poverty and unemployment in its wake. Given Communism was widely discredited (although many missed and fondly remembered their collective farms) the extreme discontent found populist fascist outlets. Generally they will.say that this plot was Jewish motivated by Jewish hatred. West Ukrainians is the group.that served up 80,000 volunteers for the 14th Waffen SS Division (First Ukrainisn SS nazi).After WWIi was over remnants of this outfit continued a guerrilla "Forest War" against the Soviet Union with tbe assaistance of the CIA.

On the other hand Eastern Ukrainians in general are quite glad that the Red Army beat these nazi fighters and tbeir German sponsors. Western Ukrainians just had their annual commemorations/ celebrations  of the Waffen SS on April 27. Russians and Eastern Ukrainians celebrate Victory Day on May 9.

The current rump government was put into power by nazi street fighters called Right Sector. Because ordinary Ukrainian soldiers and police have refused to commit murder the US/ nazi installed rump government has deputized Right Sector street fighters into a new national guard to force Eastern Ukrainians to submit and tbey have slready burnt old people and a pregnant woman aive in the majority Russian speaking  Ukrainian city of Odessa.  

Rumor has it Vladimir Putin will be in Crimea on May 9, Victory Day.