Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mayor de Blasio's affordable housing scheme barely scratches the surface of what is needed and even it probably will be trimmed down.

The average apartment rent in New York City is now $3017 a month. The average apartment rent throughout the USA is just over $1000 a month.

The average apartment price in Manhattan is now $1,450,000!

46% of New York City residents are considered poor or near poor.

Apartment rents have gone up 75% since the year 2000.

Since the Mayor's plan would hopefully produce 20000 "affordable apartments" built or renovated a year it is safe to say it doesn't come close to what is needed. Wage and salary income has not gone up in years. The Mayor' s appointees on the rent Guidelines Board are believed to be considering a virtual two year rent freeze on rent stabilized apartments. What is needed is a cross the board  reduction!

de Blasio and his plan are probably the best one can hope for under our rotten and useless political system. In the richest city in the world people will continue living and working in third world conditions until we think and act outside the box.