Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 1 was the Empire State Building's 80th anniversary. They lit it up as they often do. Here is why I would light it up black.

I am very gloomy these days. Israel has dumped its pretense of wantingdialogudue with Palestine. The leadership of Israel trace their history and idelogy back to Jabotinsky, who led the black shirted Mussini loving Revisionists, the Jewish section of the pre World War II fascist world movement. Absolutely  my country Democrat and Republican kiss tbe ring of the Jewish inheritors of fascism. So much that's important still reverbetates from that ear that ended so long ago. 

The Ukraine disaster goes back to the same war. My country is buying black uniforms for the nro nazi street gangs of Ukraine so they can be armed and deputized to terrorize and burn alive Ukrainians who do not admire the wartime exploits of the 14th Waffen S S Division: Ukraine' contributors to Hitlet's war in the East.

I am pretty much convinced that the elites of the west have "changed sides" in what can be seen as the relentless war launched by Hitler to enslave Russia.

I once called myself a "holocaust agnostc" ( you can look it up.) I never denie that the German state and fascist movement committed grave crimes against Jewish people. But the entire Holo aust narrative iincluding so called lessons of the holocaust has been further discredited by people like Victoria Nuland and the Jewish eyez that refuse to see that nazism is alive if not well, but on Ametican life ( death) ssupport and refuse to denounce what is:clrae :to anyone with eyes and a brain.