Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bucks for bozos. - revised

There is a bozo who claims he woke up oone morning not knowing where  he had been the night before nor what it was he  had been doing. He learned that he had been cavorting  in one of the V.I.P. Fantasy Rooms of an upscale Gentlemen's clubs.

The big Lebowski's cards were hit on tbree  consecutive nights. His credit cards were hit on the club's card readers on three consecutive nights and he was down $155,000. The other three bozos (Duderino I,II and III) got nicked for around $15,000 each and neither of them complained nor refused to pay his Fantasy Room rent bill. The Big Lebowski of strip club sucker Johns is the one who yelled "foul!'

Enter NYPD, The FBI, The Drug Enforcement Administration and the full court media to make it clear thst one percenter Gentlemen  when purchasing sexusl servicrss are not to be jacked up and taken to the cleaners.

Meanwhile some Gentlemens' clubs in New York are paying bounties to taxi drivers that range from five dollars per carload to up to thirty dollars per Duderino.

Now, if such Gentlemens' clubs were bordellos or centers of illicit retail drug trade, why then, any business relations that a taxi driver would have with such a club would exemplify  one of the reasons why municipalities worldwide exert effort in supervising the taxi trade. Thank The Lord Above that we here in New York do not allow any bordello to operate in the open. Certainly we would never permit a bordello where illicit drugs are consumed to hold a license to sell liquor.

Imagine someone of the moral character and ideological bent of let's say Uber's Ayn Randist honcho Travis Kalanick to regulate in this area on a privatised and for profit basis. Thanks to heaven such a situation is unthinkable. Oh, wait. UberX is a totally  unregulated :taxi service that's run by Kalanick And Kalanick is well cconnected. Google Meera Joshi Travis Kalanick Uber.


I still scratch my head in wonderment as to how it is these particular spots maintain liquor licenses while these women go to prison.

This llustration is  not meant to imply that unlawfull activities take place at Larry Flynt's Huser Club.