Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham Republican of South Carolina justifies WWII alliance with Stalin :"Hitler was worse than Stalin"

Lindsay Graham said it in line with his calling for USA coordination with Iran against fishy Islamic extremists who disarmed, killed and captured much superior forces in northern Iraq and now are said to be 50 miles from Baghdad. This is fishy as hell as is the apparent fact that the US and UK are not bombing hell out of them.

Claims that they have committed massive war crimes and are determined to end the presence of Shia Moslems from Iraq where they are a majority and Syria where a clan among a generally low income Shia sect called Alawites.

Anyhow I am interested in what the Senator had to say. Now, under the name Bernard Marx I published a piece called The Holocaust Agnostic on a blog that I later took down. Others republished it and I might do  so again here.  In the piece I raised issues with the Holocaust narrative including doubt that there was a plan and any order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews of Europe.
I did not express doubt that nazis committed horrendous crimes including crimes against Jews.

What grabs me about the Senator's remark aside from the fact that I agree Hitler was the  worse of the two is that newly shaped  received wisdom is the opposite. Jewish people have argued "Stalin was worse"  to me in my taxi and the cover up and glossing over the prominence of nazis in "Good Guy Ukraine" by Jews prominent I the media and politics tells me  that the notion  that the wrong side won WWII is widely accepted now.

For the record I want to say that the USSR with all its warts and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army and the Viet Minh and other grass root anti axis forces carried the day for civilization with grudging, minimal and much delayed support. from my country.

I suspect that the Islamist terrorists of ISIS have been nurtured against Shia Iran and Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon by the US and its Gulf Royal friends. Obama and his advisers want  to distance themselves from ISIS but I do 't think they've decided to try to terminate them.