Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cops raid my old home town (General Grant Houses) and Bob Avakian acolytes gather on the corner

Early on Wednesday morning hundreds of  NYPD cops with body armor, helicopters, the whole nine yards, staged a massive anti- gang raid on General Grant Houses, where I lived with my now estranged wife for twelve years and also raided nearby Manhattanville Houses. They took a bunch of young men into  custody on charges related to them being alleged gang members.

These young men will be housed in other housing for the poor that will have fences and guard towers staffed by armed and dangerous rednecks in upstate New York.

The powers that be prefer this arrangement to the settlement of reparations claims and self determination for the descendents of America's victims of slavery and legally enforced oppression know  as Jim Crow. President Obama, by the way, is neither.

I went to spend some time with my wife the next morning. In the afternoon as I was on the Bx15  bus going to the Gotham Yellow garage I spied, to my surprise some members of the same old white Bob Avakianite crew that spent around three years acting like jerks trying to establish a toe hold in the Grant Houses. I have a few posts on this blog about them and their antics.

Black American youth today do not need a silly whiteface clown show.

They need what's been called a BLACK MOSES , another fearless and charismatic leader like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were.