Thursday, June 5, 2014

Uber's Travis Kalanick and taxi driving blogger Eugene Weixel and the driverless taxi of tomorrow and (would you believe it) the reptilian negatve population growth agenda.

Nothing is goIng to stop the driverless taxi of tommorow. The days of the penniless passenger with overdrawn credit card in hand are numbered along with the days of the driving proffession.  I want to share my thoughts with you about these facts as a long time New York taxi driver.

Google, Tesla and Uber are working in tandem towards the day that automobile driving will be as much a lost art as stonemasonry. They've got billions of dollars behind this project. In fact the driverless car is already a reality. No doubt it's not yet ready for prime time and  l do not doubt there will be an effort to make it a normal means of urban transportation within a very few years whether it be really ready or not. Travis Kalanick is in my opinion a Godless amoral Ayn Rand fascist who will lie, cheat, bribe, murder and steal to gain dominance over urban surface transportation worldwide. 

"Money talks bullshit walks" will be the order of the day. The era of the taxi fare beater will be over as only a fully loaded smart device already debited a deposit on the fare will get you into tommorow's dudeless taxi.While it is acceptable that a taxi driving dude like me be stiffed or played with counterfeit money the likes of Travis Kalanick do not and shall not accept pauper bullshit in  lieu of real bankable money.

Shirley Liu was a six year old girl who was mowed down by an app distracted pauper  Uber driver dude  in San Francisco this past New Year's Eve. Shirley Liu is dead and Kalanick says "not my problem." With $17,000,000,000 in hand and the adoration of our cold blooded media liars and dissimulators probably Kalanick will evade earthly responsibility for Shirley's life cut short. Shirley's family should seek restitution and redress from the underinsured pauper dude  who was making money for Kalanick, not from Kalanick or his corporate limited liability backers that include Google. So says Kalanick's lizard souled mouthpiece.

There will be other Shirly Liu type deaths (and I have  little doubt there already are some that never surfaced. ) With a seventeen billion dollar warchest and the alleigiance of mainstream media and opinion shapers on his side, Kalanick seems to be unstopable.

The Uberpeople of the world firmly believe that there are too many Untermenschen, untermenschen who exhale too much "poisonous" carbon ddioxide and often spoil an almost perfect view with their obesity, asymetries, bad teeth and ten dollar haircuts.

Not only taxi drivers and truckers and lawyers and maids need wonder where they and their children are going to fit into Google's robotized artificially intelligent workerless dystopia. Even traders are becoming redundant for the cold blooded (reptilian?) .01 % that looks to be sucking up all the wealth, writing all the rules and turning the rest of us into so much excess baggage.