Friday, June 13, 2014

From nuclear bombers off the California coast to unhappy strip club Johns at Score's New York- A wrap up of events of the last few days

In Iraq extremist Islamist Sunni based armed group has suddenly picked up tremendous momentum and has taken three cities in three days. It may be poised to roll into the capital Baghdad. The government is Shia as is Iran. The Iraqi government may find itself incapable of defending the majority Shia population. The army is dissolving under massive desertions.   Obama is making noises about military action by American forces once again. It's also possible that Iran could be pulled in to this mess.

13 airplanes vanished from radar screens while flying in and near Austria. Anyone who can make this sort of a thing happen gains a military edge over anyone who cannot do so.

Russian jet bombers capable of launching nuclear armaments reached a point 50 miles from the California coast before US jet fighters intercepted them. That's pretty damned close.

24 Russian naval vessels are on maneuvers right now in the Baltic Sea. So are a bunch of Nato fighting ships.

The Ukrainian nazi led military has used white phosphorous munitions against civilian populations in South and East Ukraine. The Ukies recently abandoned eight border posts with Russia. US strategy has been to pull Russia into going into Ukraine while continuing a vocal "blame Russia" drum beat in a worldwide media and diplomatic offensive.

Four New York strippers face criminal charges for overcharging rich men for sex acts alleged to have taken place at The Road House and Scores strip clubs. Club management threatened to use videos showing what one of the men got for his money in a court suit over the purported overcharge.  My problem here is if the strippers plied the Johns with illegal drugs and sex acts that were performed for money in the clubs and if the Johns' credit cards were charged by the clubs that shared the take  with the indicted ladies how are these clubs not padlocked as brothels and how do they retain liquor licences?

New York has recently lowered speed limits on major thoroughfares to 25 mph. Interestingly Google is seeking road tests for 100 driverless vehicles whose maximum speed is 25 mph.

A judge just overturned a lowef court ruling against the Taxi of Tomorrow. Mayor de Blasio says he is against the TOT. I'll bet a dollar he bends within a week.

Alleged stripper/ prostitute draggedb into court while brothel remains open for business.