Monday, June 16, 2014

The New York Yellow Taxi Industry Is In Serious Trouble. Ashwini Chhabra won't be the last TLC Big working for Uber

I think by now most people who are part of the taxi industry realize that it's Travis Kalanick of Uber who is out to "fuckin' destroy" the taxi industry just as Michael Bloomberg once promised to do.

Kalanick is no joke. He has $18,000,000,000.00 behind him. He has the adoration of the media and he has no ethics nor moral standard.

When he hired  TLC  Deputy Commissioner Ashwimi Chhabra into a high level post events should have fallen into place: They're out to destroy your business and my job. Any hopes that Mayor de Blasio might come to the rescue are misplaced.

Back in November Yassky and the Commission backed off what had been a sure and certain vote for permanent rule changes that would have enshrined e hail technology. There was testimony about the issue of driver app safety that they were afraid to touch.  Hypocrites who will tear up a hack license if a driver is caught texting while not parked want drivers to play with taxi apps- no different than texting- for Uber's investor profits. They do not care about safety when billions of dollars are at stake. Also politicians like David Yassky have too much pride to admit they fell in love with these gadgets without even wondering if they have any safety issues.


Look who got a job. Do you believe he's the last one?

It's time for taxi owners and drivers to wake up. Bloomberg said we will become "fuckin' plumbers." Most drivers wouldn't mind being union plumbers if there were jobs and training to be had.

A seventy day  wait for new taxi licenses is like sending out invitations to sign up with Uber x. Delayed license renewals and double jeopardy instant suspensions and r evocations also will channel drivers from Yellow to Uber x.

Back in 1986 owner drivers and lease drivers: stood together in a powerful  strike. We need to stand up now. So does everyone in the yellow taxi industry.