Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iraq is a catastrophe now. Should the very country that knocked it off kilter to begin with fix it? And a few words for Senator Mc Cain

First to John Mc Cain. As the hot shot aviator son of an Admiral you got yourself shot down and taken prisoner in Vietnam because you could not simply do as you had been told to do. You piled up the demerits at the Naval Academy graduating #894 out of a class of 899 in spite of the fact that your father, who went on to command all forces in Vietnam was a ranking Admiral and son of a ranking Admiral. You crashed five Navy planes. One of your crashes  caused by your clowning around, was into a power line in Spain resulting in thousands of Spaniards being without electric power. causing a diplomatic incident.

Five crashes. 29 medals for twenty hours of dropping bombs on Vietnam. And this: It is something new, this labeling service members heroes for getting taken prisoner. Prisoners of war are denied the honor of rendering and returning a military salute.

You are the main clown hawk in Washington running with the pack of neo con chicken hawks.

Some kinds of " help" are the kinds of help people can live without. For the sake of the Iraqi people the United States should not render them any more "help.."