Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There are fascists and then there are fascists...( some of my favorites).

Ask me and I' tell you I hate a supremacist war loving anti worker fascist. But were and are all fascists properly described this way?

Today Marie Le Pen is against the West's US led push for war with Russia. Well I agree with that. She's against austerity. I agree with that too. Other things about her I do not like at all. Had I been a Frenchman I would have considered voting for her party as a protest  in the EuroElection just past.

Huey Long was and is called a fascist by many but had he not been gunned down he might have run Franllin Delano Roosevelt out of the White House in a landslide. His cry was "share the wealth." He was for wealth redistribution to the lower majority, not from it  He was no more a racist than was FDR, who carried the Dixie vote himself (missing Huey Long from the race). Huey Long was anti interventionist.

Everybody loves Eva Peron. Peronism was pro worker and was just about the religion of millions of Argentina's workers.
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A leader of a colonized; nation Juan Peron stood for the independence of his country from the Monroe  Doctrine  and the Brits too.

Eva Peron. Everyone's Favorite Fascist?