Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ukraine's new US backed President might be seeking a peaceful resolution to Ukraine's civil war. Pro US Ukrainian forces are losing their grip on the Russian borders of Luhansk and Donets.

As an American citizen I am angered and ashamed of how my government is training and supplying violent fringe pro nazi groups in Ukraine and how my government pushed for the unlawful and violent ouster of the lawfully elected president of Ukraine using these racial supremacist goons as a battering ram. These fascists now dominate what is left of Ukraine's military and police after massive defections and desertions of non fascists from the ranks.

The pro nazis have been  armed and have the authorization to wage Guernica style aerial and artillery attacks on ethnic Russian and Russian speaking Ukrainian towns in parts of Ukraine where the  majorities rejected the US backed overthrow of their elected government. Local fighters have by and large not only repulsed the US backed pro nazis but have initiated successful counter, attacks. That there are Russian volunteers fighting alongside their Ukraine born kin seems probable and to be expected.

In a sign that the US back  newly elected half Jewish Billionaire oligarch  Petro Poroshenko ("President of Ukraine") might be seeking dialogue Ukraine has abandoned eight border posts. Peoroshenko would have to buck his erstwhilwe allies who despise him and right now have the guns and the blind eye from the West's media and leaders many of  who. recently met for three days of secret discussions in Denmark under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group ( They have a website).

A little adjusting and the situation might be resolved:

"Ukrainian forces" "Ukrainian nationalists" get rechristened "pro nazi racists." Poroshenko orders them to cease operations ( he has no authority but what the heck " we" can give him that) and return to Kiev. If they don't then the media starts to crucify them. Russia is quietly or loudly asked to restore order in Luhansk and Donets.

"Pro Russian forces" "Secessionist" get rechristened  "victims"

"Putin" gets rechristened "responsible leader."

In the run up to the Second World War an elected Popular Front government in Spain was overthrown by General Francisco Franco with the assistance of nszi Germany and fascist Italy. The fascists staged the first air bombardment of civilians in Guernica, Spain. This new page in anti civilian warfare moved Pablo Picasso to create his famous  painting "Guernica."