Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid 2014 in New York City

I drove my first taxi in 1983. It was a Checker.

I've seen and taken note of Eid and to me this one, that started yesterday seems different. I make my observations from a taxi eye view because I am a taxi driver.

Traffic was a breeze. To me and my powers of recollection Eid  never had this much impact on the streets before. Shift change at my garage was one, two, three. The place was relatively empty with just about no waiting on line.

I got a few text messages throughout the night offering me a double shift (that's 24 hours behind the wheel #visionzero ) and urging me to show up to work today and tomorrow).

I am sure Uber, Lyft and Hailo users tapped many an app in vain and that Uber surged as much as the Attorney General is allowing.

I think more people who are culturally Muslim but not particularly pius might be observing the holidays this year than before. That's my guess. Their communities have been under the gun with NYPD spying, random attacks, organized hate and tension on the rise. I would imagine ranks are closing.

I would suppose there's grief, anger and frustration over being unable to put a stop to the latest round of Zionist atrocities. If I feel this, and I do, these  feelings must be tenfold in these communities.

I hope that the joyous spirit of Eid, the family and community togetherness of these three days bring a happiness to my Muslim neighbors and co workers.

I hope your communities grow stronger and closer together with every passing day.