Sunday, July 27, 2014

More training won't cure NYPD thug culture.- It's not only cops, though they're the worse.

Training Day

I worked ten years as a "child protector working for Giuliani and then Bloomberg. The basic mission as I've come to see it was to coince poor people, mainly African Americans, Afro Latinas , poor immigrants and some poor whites or socially non conforming whites to either leave town, send their kids off to live with extended family far away, and to stop having children.

Within this monster system thete supposedly were laws, rules and procedures that were to be complied with. We vhild protectors went through a lengthy, intensivr college level training. Most who applied for the job were rejected. Many failed or dropped out of the classes. We who made it were a relatively select and special group that were told that we were going to turn the way things wete done around- because we had new and improved training. (and that we were "the best."

When we got to our field officrs our supervisots that our training was not connected to "reality", that we could throw out our manuals and regulations.
"We do things our way"

So thanks to the proliferation of smart phones it's clear that NYPD strangled an extremely obese asthmatic  man for allegedly  selling loose cigarettes that might not have been taxed by New York City and New York State.. 

The mayor and his police commissioner Bratton of "Giuliani time" infamy say that the choking was not lawful. The perpetrators still draw pay checks as of today. They plan to retain the cols so they learn that a choke hold is against procedure. As it has been for 20 years.

Two more videos emerged showing police the heads of two black marijuana smomeks in Brooklyn , where the District Attorney has already tld the world that he is through prosecuting petty marinuana cases.

Perhaps we need a new "no head stomping" training and a "no sexual molestation of emotionally disturbed women in your cop cars, where no video will be made" Trainin
City employees. A prog.. :Oh, and a "no shooting unarmed people, especially not in the back" training

NYPD needs replacement, not retraining.

Citg employees. Those who interact with the public need to learn to respect the people who pay them. I am an obese cripple who walms with a cane. The next bus driver who vuns the accelerator before I find a seat or who doesn't lower the step for me will have a video to.

MABSTOA  M100 M101 Bx15 and Bx 33: This is for you.