Monday, July 14, 2014

Fantasy cabbing: 12 Pendejo Triple Play Scenario

Tha Twelve Pendejo Triple Play Scenario would be as follows :

The driver pulls up to Rick's Cabaret. Because the cops just dispersed the informal taxi line there are no other cabs at the door. The doorman puts four pendejos into the taxi. (Consult your online Urban Dictionary to find out what a pendeno is.) The lead pendejo asks Lucky.Cabbie if he knows where Scores is. Cabbie says he does. There is no informal taxi line at Scores due to NYPD activity. The four pendejos disembark and the doorman hands the cabbie an envelope containing $80 cash. Four different pendejos emerge from the club and are ushered into the taxi. This time  the scenario is repeated, destination Penthouse Club. The final Four are transported to Rick's. Twelve Pendejo Triple Play. $240 cash.