Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Israelis must stop their attack on Gaza. The West must stop backing Israel.

Here in the US we are being told  about a " rain" of rockets falling on Israel. It's reported that  one Israeli has been killed while delivering supplies to Israeli soldiers near Gaza.

Around 200 Palestinians have perished in the Israeli onslaught. Most are non combatants. 17,000 Gaza residents homes have been destroyed by the self avowed Jewish State. The water supply infrastructure has been destroyed by Israel. This imperils the  lives and well being of thousands of Gaza residents. These are war crimes, violations of international law. These crimes are supported by politicians and "journalists" in the West, most emphatically in my country, the USA.

The Jewish far right lobby has enormous influence in the US particularly when it comes to our country's actions in the middle east. Rightly or wrongly ordinary Jewish people are seen to be complicit in the US cross - the - board backing of Israel's actions. Most American Jews are not activists or even members of zionist organizations but they are presumably passive supporters.

This probably is the case in Paris, France. A demonstration in support of Palestine took place a couple of days ago. A minority of the demonstrators broke from the main march and attacked a synagogue. I do not know if that particular synagogue functions as a center of political and material support for the Israeli "Jewish State."

Being born into those known as the Jewish people I did in the past publicly renounce my supposed "right to return" to someplace I did not come from. Whatever connection I might have wjth that part of the world is tenuous and not relevant today.

Palestinians have a right to live in and govern their own homeland. Jewish people have no special moral rjghg to rule there. Jewish people need to live in peace with their neighbors.

All human beings are sisters and brothers to one another with the same Creator.