Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack We're not doing what we need to do. New York this coming Friday 4:30 pm Times Square rally. 6:00 pm march to the Israel Consulate because doing something is better than doing nothing I suppose.

Frankly these guys are wierd. Their mentality is mideaval. You would not want to be a tenant of one of them in Williamsburg'South End and you can bet their kids would treat your kids cruelly. They hate Israel for a lot of reasons. Also they don't care much for secular governance, gay rights, women on bicycles or Black people.

Hatefull scuzzy Israeli Jews cheer their sons on in bombing  Gaza murdering and creating mayhem.They are actually on a hill watching the carnage getting their jollies.

Okay. We have to do something about this.