Monday, July 21, 2014

I would guess that God is pretty miffed with us right about now.

IMHO.God, aka #HigherPower. probablydoeKes not look like any  of these images, :at least not most of the time.

I was raised to be one of those oxymoronic beings called Jewish Not Religious by sort of Marxist parents who  who believed in ghosts, which they had seen with their own eyes but did not believe in God Whom they had never met. They were also Jewish Nationalists who sometimes were also internationalists. By the way they raised me in lsrgely Black neighborhoods and taught me to love and respect them.  
I figured out that there is a God during my nights spent as a "child protector." I could not escape realizing that my brain is hard wired for this belief (and uours is too- look it up). Also and more importantly, I was constantly encountering people who should have been angry with God but who were constantly thanking God and praising God.

So, let's cut to the quick. If Everything is under the control of an all powerful conscious Being why does She let her children so abuse her children? I'd guess She's set us up as cooperative beings and beings capable of feelings and capable of havingVolition Her Plan is for us to become Her.
But this rant is not going to end up all Kumbayah.  we've got to knock the #coldbloodedoppressors and their system down. Then we can do Kumbayah.