Thursday, July 17, 2014

#LyftNYC really could kill you or harm you, leaving you to sue a pauper for damages. .

Let's be real. #Lyft in NY is being resisted by the New York State Attorney General and by the state insurance authorities for good reason. It is a taxi company that claims that it helps friends give automobile rides for their friends, in return for voluntary gifts or contributions. The company hopes to have drivers and customers defraud insurance companies that charge higher rates for legal taxis and livery cars . They are encouraging their employees and customers to try to deceive insurers.

Your single shifted yellow cab is mandated retired  after five years of service. Your double shifted taxi is off the road after three years. All New York City taxis and car service vehicles are inspected by the government every four months. Taxis take tremendous beatings on New York City Streets. Lyft is a taxi service designed to evade regulation,  taxation including a tax that supports the Metropolitan Transportation Administration, and workers compensation. Lyft pirate taxis can be 14 years old and inspected by Lyft once a year. This endangers Lyft customers as well as pedestrians and other motorists.

Potential Lyft taxi drivers, especially affluent ones who think this will be a fun filled outing also need to ponder concepts like right and wrong and Karma. You would help someone like Michael Bloomberg destroy thousands of livelihoods out of pique at a group of bosses who fought him in court.

Yes, Michael Bloomberg swore to Evgeny Friedman in public that he would destroy the taxi industry. You can look that up.

With Bloomberg and the presstitutes in Lyft's corner Lyft may yet prevail in an election year.

As a taxi driver who publishes a blog that is well treated by search engines I will promise that anyone who publicly declares an intention to drive for Lyft  or who is found to be driving for Lyft will be called to task in a public way like Lixi Cacho.