Saturday, July 12, 2014

Racist Lyft gets put on hold in NYC.

The New York Attorney General and State Insurance authorities got a judge to stop outlaw taxi service Lyft from going ahead with its plan to launch its pirate fraudulent operation. They are going to have to prove that they are in compliance with State and City law which would be something since Lyft is a criminal enterprise based on tax evasion, insurance fraud and racial /class arrogance.

Michael Bloomberg, who is a stakeholder in the racketeering enterprise was reported to have told someone that he is "fuckin' pissed" .

Lyft was not going to pay the 50 cent per ride tax to the MTA that is paid by legal taxis.

Lyft was not going to pay into Workers Compensation lime legal taxi owners do.

Legal taxis are required to serve all orderly persons because they are a public accommodation. Taxi drivers who violate this rule are subject to serious penalties. (Of course this requires a complaint by an aggrieved party.) A Lyft driver is supposedly not driving a taxi but is said to be a "friend" giving a ride to a "friend." No public accommodation mythical being offered so regulation against discrimination has any weight.

Lyft, by not covering the Bronx, is demonstrating its attitude here.

Lyft is free not to serve the disabled.

Michael Bloomberg - can you refute this article?