Saturday, July 12, 2014

We had another Manhattanhenge yesterday and will have our third one for the year this evening. I don't enjoy driving straight into the sunset so I would just as soon pass on it.

But midtown  was  designed that way with no malicious intent so no sense beefing about it. I hope I livr long enough to ser the day no one drives any more except for hobbyists and enthudiasts.
There is an incredible amount of work in this world that needs to be done. 

What I also hope is by that time there is a planned economy where wealth isn't squitreled away and/or pissed away. 

Let us not play musical chairs as real jobs vanish and the profits are funneled to fewer and fewer people who have so much that there are not enougb luxuries and distractions  in the world or even even in the human imagination to burn through all that kind of cash.