Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sergeant Anthony Acosta, Captain William Pla ( both NYPD), a gaggle of cops who were rookies under Pla's command in 2010, and a taxi driver named LeVelle DeSean Ming. Where are they now?

These people were all involved in a dramatic incident. Ten off duty drunk rookie cops were leaving a bar where they had been partying with Captain Pla. They crossed the street in front of Ming's taxi. Ming blew his horn at the off duty rookie cops took offense and started beating the daylights out if the taxi driver with their fists and a piece of lumber all in front of their captain who said and did nothing. A person in the neighborhood called 911 (emergency police/fire/ambulance). Sergeant Acosta who was off duty and in mufti happened by. Acosta attempted to stop the assault. He ended up in handcuffs along with Mr. Ming. Ming pleaded guilty to a minor charge in order to be able to continue working. Acosta was put under pressure to submit a dishonest report that would exonerate the cop assailants and condemn their victim. As far as I know this he refused to do.
I wish I could win the lottery so I could make a movie based on this. I would want to track them all down and do a "where are they now?" bit. I wonder where are they now?