Sunday, July 27, 2014

The New York Times wants to legalize marijuana. I think I have a better idea: #decriminalizedontlegalizeweed

The Times proposes that the government - an entity not worthy of the public's trust - control marijuana. By extension what this boils down to is more government control over We The People.

I remember from my pot smoking younger days there were many strains of marijuana that had varying effect. I used to have two classifications - cerebral and physical. The cerebral stimulated thinking more than eating, defecating, giggling  and sleeping. I think the one percent wants us to think less and giggle more.

They also want to tax the weeed which means tax us, rather than themselves.

No one should have a criminal record because of week. Best simply to erase all references to weed in the criminal law. Just a few days ago a you tube video showed a Brooklyn cop thug stepping on the head of a young Black stoner. We want an rnd to the rxcuses.