Monday, August 11, 2014

David Duke, Israel Shamir and me.
The media machine...invented "Homophobia" so homosexuals will fear normal folks and apply for the protection of Big Brother. They invented "male chauvinism" and "battered wives" so women will be afraid of their menfolk and seek the rulers'  Shelter. They invented "racism" so every ethnic minority would hide under the guardianship of Big Brother. They created the myth of "abused children"...White folks like blacks being jolly and playing their banjo as long as it is not all night..." Self designated Palestinian Israel Shamir.
I used to participate in an online forum run by Israel Shamir, a brilliant  man fully capable of putting his foot in his mouth .Shamir has been called "the Jewish Salman Rushdie", a harsh critic of Judaism whose own origins are Jewish. Sometimes  I'd agree with him and sometimes I"d disagree with him. Some of his writings, for example on the "blood libel" question were eye opening for me.
Shamir seemed to be trying to create something like the international version of the  red brown coalition of Russia a few years back. He clearly did not "get it" that African Americans are specially oppressed in the USA, much like the Palestinians are and that it was they who could be and were the best allies the Palestinians would find in North America. He did not "get it" why someone like me would not and could not align with David Duke.
I had made comments that Duke was "better" than Michael Bloomberg  because as mayor of New York Bloomberg had a police force that shoots Black people in their backs and suppressed anti war activity while Duke doesn't do that since he does not command a police force. Also Duke was an opponent of the Iraq  war, though he was not mobilizing his following in a tangible or visible way to oppose the war. I don't follow Duke's current activities. Back then he based himself in Ukraine.
Duke had been a swastika wearing self proclaimed Grand poo bah of his very own Ku Klux Klan when he announced that he would stop wearing sheets and swastikas and start wearing a suit and he'd also stop publicly calling people "nigger" and "kike" in order to be more effective. He even got a surgical face lift.
Shamir wrote a piece in which he described me as a David Duke supporter. That was published on the  widely read Jeff Rense website .
Shamir says that he is a Palestinian although he was born into a rabbinical dynasty in Russia and presumably became an Israeli by declaring himself a Jew or through his service in the Israeli Army. I have twice publicly renounced my supposed "right of return."
I consider myself to be an opponent of Jewish Exceptionalism. I am split from the "Jewish Community" none of whose organizations I belong to. My means of earning a living, the place I live in and my marriage  as well as things I have written and said all tend to mark me as being estranged from Judaism. That I am - but my face, my accent and my attitude mark me as still Jewish after all. And I hold no enmity for the millions of Jews who do not belong to Jewish or Zionist organizations.
Israel Shamir pursued David Duke in a political courtship and maybe he still does, though he seems to prefer Cynthia McKinney of late.. Duke had served an insult on Shamir several years back  when Duke patted Shamir on the head and called him   "very Jewish"  which tells me Duke doesn't think being a Jew is a voluntary self designation.  Shamir says he believes that  he resides in Palestine as his right as a self adopted Palestinian but carries an Israeli passport - or is it a Swedish one? .
I hope there will come a time when World Jewry and Israel apologizes to Palestine and starts making amends in earnest.