Monday, August 11, 2014

I pick up two passengers at Weil Cornell Medical Center. The man's mother is being treated shamefully as eas he.

I didn't get the whole story but the man's mother has a large  bandage that had not been changed in over sixteen hours. The actual physician in the case is beyond or above talking to the man. A physician or nurse not connected to the case told the man that his mother is okay.

Reminded me of another hospital. My mother was gravely ill. I was visiting her with my daughter. Out of the blue a nurse involved in my mother's care showed up and started to verbally abuse my daughter whom she had never met! Talk about a "Hostage situation!"

I have blogged also about the mistreatment I received at Saint Luke hospital after I had been mowed down by an irresponsible motorist while I was crossing the street. Because of them I limp. If ever you have the misfortune of being in an ambulance in uptown Manhattan be certain you are taken anyplace other than Saint Luke.