Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh yes, the Hadith about Jews hiding behind trees and under rocks...

First what is a Hadith? It' a report originating in Islamic oral tradition of important words and deeds of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). These reports were curated in written form 200 years after Mohammed's death.

In one of these reports Mohammed is believed to have spoken of a time when Jews would hide behind trees and under rocks only to be denounced by these inanimate objects who would cry out for Moslems to kill said Jews.

I am not an expert on Islam and I could not possibly represent that religion in any way. So, why am I writing about this pr any Muslim religious text?

Saturday evening four self described Jews gotinto my taxi. One of them, an Asian woman, said that shr is a convert. Her husband, born into Judaism, was one of three male passengers. The gay one sat next to me. I must wonder what about me brings out the sexuAality in some gay men. A subserviant man? I know that had I put my elbow into one of his eyes I would have been the big loser. People depend on me.

Anyhow they wanted to know all about me yet hsrdly allowed me to complete a sentence. Not good listeners. Aprpos plitics the husband appraised me on the Hamas Charter which, he said, told the story of trees and rocks crying out for Jrwish blood. I said I thought that was in thr Koran, not in a political charter. Another of them said it was a Hadith. I thought " maybe so."

I know how bloodthirsty the Old Testament and the Talmud are. The Talmud also is most hostile and disrespectful of Jesus. 

The hadiths though also have Mohammed saying positive things about Jews. Educated people know that Muslim Turkey opened its doors to Jews during the Inquisitikn and that prior to the Zionist movement into Palestine as a political invasion JJewslived amicaly with Muslimz - even in Palestine.

The Jewish scholar and critic of Zionism Norman Finkelstein has spent lots of time in Hamas dominated Gaza and no tree or rock has urged Muslims to kill him. 

The Hadith is both a prediction of the worlds' final days after Jews wage war against Muslims. It is not an everyday expectation.

Meanwhile, Christians in particular shold be aware of the influential Chabad Jewish political/religious movement. They believe that we are in the final days, that their dead Grand Rabbi is the King of the World and messiah and that Christians do not conform with the seven Noahide Laws.People who cannot be Noahides "have no right to exist on the earth."

They issue religious demands and urge the people of Gaza to eliminate Hamas.